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El Trono Glacier
San José Glacier

The Glaciers of Patagonia

Patagonia is located at the South end of the world, where the South American continent ends and the Antarctica begins.

Given its remote location, large area and difficult access, Patagonia is free of pollution, a place where nature remains pristine and unique animal species and flora can be found.

The Andes Mountain range raises here in all its majesty, a breath-taking view with its everlasting snowed peaks that emerge over a steep massif from which waterfalls flow shaping furrows that become torrential rivers of cold, crystal clear, pure water. Unspoiled and untouchable.

The Glacis Glacier

Since thousands of years ago snow falls over certain peaks in Patagonia without ever melting, so year after year the snow builds up structuring icy overlapped layers of huge proportions and heavy weight. These peaks, by means of gravity, glide and form the glaciers that are the source of Glacis waters, which we bottle aiming to bring you this unique opportunity to be in touch with a one of nature wonders.