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Glacis is water recovered from the natural melting process of a glacier located in the Chilean Patagonia.


The water you find within a bottle of Glacis comes from a natural and noble source: the El Trono and San José glaciers, which provide water with a superior biochemical structure and organoleptic compounds.


The bottling process is very simple, and it is carried out with maximum care not to alter at all the composition and exquisite natural flavor of the water. No chemical additives are used during this process. Our water is delivered to our customers with the same quality and conditions as if he or she were drinking it directly from the source.


To be connected with our source of origin, Glacis becomes a solid brand that instantaneously links the product to the glacier. Needless to say that the brand and its related support messages lead the consumer to imagine that in the bottle of Glacis in his hands comes an exotic experience in a far away land.

The Bottle:

In accordance with the nobility and transparency of its origin, the recipient containing this peculiar water is a bottle of elegant design, minimalist spirit, that has the personality and simplicity to represent the majesty of the glacier were it comes from.

The Ritual:

To drink Glacis water is a unique experience that takes you to the distant past. It is much more than hydrating yourself!